A discover

Every book has its own time. I «discovered» a few days ago a book I bought at the beginning of 2016. I knew the book was great but I was enchanted by another books and suddenly I forgot it.

At the end of the last week I decided to throw away many folders, papers and I found tIMG_7861hat book. It calls The Anatomy of Story, by John Truby. The author reveals some secrets to tackle the huge work of writing stories. I bought it for a course I had to prepare in that time. The last week I started to read it and I found it amazing. I said to myself: «Why didn’t read it before?» There’s no a logical answer.

Everything on the book is making sense right now. It’s as if the book is telling me what to do in my craft (as a writer) right now.  I’ve decided to chose some excerpts from the book to share with my students in a short course I have to prepare for this week. I think is gonna be nice to discuss some advices that Truby gives to the screenplayers.

As I said, books have their own time and this book had to reveal it to me just now. I’m very grateful  to be ready to read/hear/understand the book.


Autor: saudade86

Master en Comunicación Audiovisual. Profesor, generador de contenidos, viajero. Apasionado por los idiomas. Saudade Pura.

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